September 28, 2023

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023 – During the holidays, Chinese people mainly focus on holidays and spending time with family. Holidays as we know them in the West are not common in China and are treated like Christmas like any other day. Also, China uses the lunar calendar for certain holidays, so several holidays occur on different dates each year. In this article, we examine the traditions associated with Chinese holidays and how businesses operate during these periods.

Chinese New Year, commonly called Spring Festival (Chūnjié in Chinese) or Lunar New Year, is the most important Chinese holiday. Although it lasts about a week, in practice, his vacation usually increases to two weeks. At first, the main purpose of this day was to welcome the new year and honor the gods and ancestors. However, now he is focused on meeting his immediate family, eating together and celebrating the beginning of the new year.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

On this day, apartments and houses are decorated with traditional lanterns. People also hang stickers with the Chinese characters for “blessing” – fú (Fú) on their doors. Another tradition is to give the children a red envelope of money. There is no specific amount that should be a gift. Therefore, some envelopes only contain a single token amount, while others can even amount to hundreds of Chinese Yuan.

Free Chinese Calendar 2023

It’s also important to remember that every year in China comes with a certain amount of luck. 2021 was the year of the bull and 2022 was the year of the tiger. In 2023, the leading animal will be the rabbit. Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to do business with China. The Chinese love to use zodiac animals in their marketing campaigns. Therefore, even before the holidays, you can see promotions or special collections dedicated to a particular animal.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

All factories and businesses will be closed during the Lunar New Year. When you order an item from Chinese suppliers, they may inform you that your shipment may be delayed by up to a month due to holidays. So, if you want to contact your Chinese business partner, make sure you do it a few weeks before or after the holidays. So don’t interfere with their traditions and holidays.

Chàngìjí is equivalent to the Christian holiday – All Saints’ Day, celebrated in November. The most important part of the day of visiting and cleaning the graves is honoring the ancestors by burning artificial objects (often money). The Chinese believe that cremated objects reach their deceased relatives. In addition, ancestors are also given their favorite food and wine, which the Chinese put in their graves.

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Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

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Qingming Festival means a few days off, so all businesses and factories are closed. However, this is not a long vacation. So, after this short time, you can reconnect with your Chinese business partners.

Unlike other Chinese holidays, Labor Day is not celebrated according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, it falls on the same date every year. There are no special holidays on this day, but a popular form of leisure is going out and visiting family. Since the holidays are in the hot season, there are many festivals or outdoor activities to participate in.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

The history of the Dragon Boat Festival (dānwǔ jié) is attributed to the ancient Chinese poet and scholar Qu Yuan. According to legend, Qu Yuan was a loyal official of the Chu Kingdom. He showed above average tact and intelligence which after some time was criticized by other parties. He was accused of perjury and conspiracy against the king and expelled from the country. Ku Yuan tied a stone to his chest, jumped into the Milo River and committed suicide in agony. The townspeople searched for him day and night and sailed along the river in dragon boats. Therefore, the annual festival is about “research” in the poet’s body. According to legend, he still lies at the bottom of the river.

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Rice dumpling called “zongzi” is the most popular food in the Dragon Boat Festival. They are nothing more than rice wrapped in bamboo leaves (mixed with sweet or savory toppings).

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival (chōngqiū jié) is associated with the legend of the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e and the white rabbit. It is the second most important holiday in China after the Spring Festival. Celebrated according to the lunar calendar, the whole family gathers to eat (ideally outdoors) and pay homage to the moon. Many advertisements with the white rabbit sitting under the moon can be seen during this holiday, as they are two of its most important symbols.

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During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese eat moon cakes, a traditional delicacy of the day. Traditionally, they contain red bean paste, but recently watermelon, water lily or even ice cream served in a cold version of this treat have become popular fillings. Almost all food related companies offer original mooncakes filled with various fillings during this period.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

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Like Chinese New Year, all factories and businesses are closed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, this does not mean that the business is not developing, because there is a lot of competition in the market among mooncake selling companies during this period. So, unless you have a food-related company to compete with, don’t approach your Chinese business partners because they’re busy with the holidays.

The national holiday is the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Also called Golden Week, this is the time when Chinese travel around the country, visit relatives or go on vacation. This is the time when the price of plane tickets and some popular attractions skyrocket due to the multitude of tourists and travelers.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

When traveling to China for business or tourism, you should be aware of holidays when shops, restaurants and companies are closed or open at unusual hours. Keep in mind that Chinese New Year is the most important and busiest holiday in terms of the number of travelers. During this time, air ticket prices will be the highest and it will be almost impossible to contact your Chinese business partner. 2023 Singapore Calendars This page contains a list of public holidays in Singapore. Several styles are available for free download, printing, editing and/or personalization. All one-page annual calendars are available for download in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format. You can create your own calendar using our custom calendar page to get a Monday start calendar or a calendar with weekly numbers. Monthly calendar in Singapore is also free.

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If you want to download or print a list of Singapore holidays 2023, check out our list of Singapore holidays 2023.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

The free annual calendar includes a list of public holidays in Singapore for 2023. A 1-page 12-month calendar is available in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format. This free calendar template from General Blue starts on Sunday. It is editable, customizable, downloadable, printable and free.

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The colorful 2023 calendar with SG holidays has a simple design with minimal borders and bright colors that highlight the seasons. The calendar is the only page that lists Singapore holidays 2023. You can print the Sunday Start calendar as a PDF file or directly from the website using the print button (if you don’t want to download the calendar before printing).

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

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This simple 2023 calendar lists Singapore holidays for the entire year on one page. The annual calendar starting this Sunday is available in portrait format and can be downloaded as PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel. The 2023 Singapore Holiday Calendar can be used as an editable calendar, a desktop calendar or for those looking for any 12 month calendar to display.

This Singapore holiday calendar 2023 starts from Sunday and is available for download in PDF, Word and Excel formats. The calendar is a page that contains a full 12-month calendar and list of public holidays in Singapore. This simple and classic design is one of the recommended versions for those looking for a printable calendar, as it helps save toner or ink when printing.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

The 2023 printable calendar for Singapore lists the country’s public holidays for the entire year 2023. Available for free download in multiple formats (PDF, Word and Excel). The Sunday Start Calendar is designed with the months highlighted in light blue for a more accessible look.

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Download or print the free Singapore 2023 calendar with holidays as a PDF file, Word document or Excel spreadsheet. The Sunday Yearly Start Calendar is designed as a portrait, showing all 12-month calendars on one page.

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

The free Singapore calendar with holidays for 2023 has a modern dark blue design, perfect for viewing online or saving to mobile/desktop. This annual one-page calendar starts on Sunday.

Singapore 2023 Calendar with Holidays Free Download is a modern one page calendar template that uses black and red calendar colors. Perfect for those looking for an online calendar to view or download on their computer. it

Asian Holiday Calendar 2023

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