September 28, 2023

Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon

Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon – If you purchase something from a link on this site, we may receive a commission. Why should you trust us?

What’s not to like about Barbie? From her beautiful hair to her perfect makeup to her stylish wardrobe, we can’t get enough of the adorable doll! And with the trailer for Barbie amassing more than 32 million views at the time of writing, it seems others are obsessed. Well, get ready to be obsessed with it even more

Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon

Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon

For Barbie devotees, Amazon’s Barbie the Movie store may be the funnest place to shop online right now. It’s packed with over 50 items, from T-shirts to MEGA Barbie’s Dream House with FUNBOY and Barbie Pool to a remote control Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette. Of course the Corvette can’t drive itself – we need a Barbie doll. And thanks, Mattel delivers.

Barbie’s Dreamhouse Is Getting A Makeover

In the Amazon Movie Store, you’ll find six dolls representing Greta Gerwig’s long-awaited adaptation. Two Barbies, two Kens, President Barbie and Gloria (there’s another Ken that represents Simu Liu, but it’s not for sale on Amazon). Honestly, we love them all. But if you can only get one, you should go for the new classic Barbie doll, as portrayed by Margot Robbie, in a pink and white gingham dress, accessorized with a bow, jewels and jewels. Marked corners to complete the picture. Barbie dressed in pink and Ken doll in a pastel pink and green beach dress are under $25 on Amazon (and Barbie is estimated to be the number one new item at retail).

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Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon

Although these Barbie and Ken dolls are already iconic, they are also the cheapest sets available. Barbie in a pastel dress and hat is less than $50, while Ken in jeans, regal, glittery President Barbie and Gloria Barbie dolls are $50 on Amazon. At a slightly higher price, these would be the cutest gifts of your life for the Barbie fan. Now for the hard part: try not to buy for yourself.

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Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon

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. When she’s not writing about the latest and greatest, you can find her checking out new restaurants, spending way too much time shopping online, and going to parks and vacations…again.

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Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon

You can get these Werewolf Animatronic 10 9ft Pride candles that support the LGBTQIA+ community. The Barbie x Kitsch collection contains everything that is our magic oven, and it is very elegant.

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Amazon Store “Barbie the Movie” is EVERYTHING. Store Teva x Parks Project’s river-inspired collaboration breaks this Mermaid Lego set above Mindy Kaling’s swimwear collection from the MDW store.

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Barbie Holiday 2023 Amazon

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