September 28, 2023

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023 – It offers pristine nature and access to the Amazon rainforest. Historic town and colonial architecture along with plenty of food and inexpensive activities. Brazil has something for every traveler.

A top destination for carnival lovers as well as a popular destination for adventure seekers and beach lovers. Brazil is known for its amazing climate and beautiful landscapes.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Brazil has a reputation as a difficult destination. Visitors must be very careful and on guard at all times.

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With the highest income inequality in the world, the country also has one of the highest crime and homicide rates. Interestingly, these prices have decreased in recent years. Brazil’s homicide rate is the lowest it has been in more than a decade.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

However, petty theft and street crime are common in Brazil. Therefore, visitors should be careful. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid this country. You must be a smart traveller. Millions of people visit the country every year and this is not a problem. As long as you follow the recommended safety instructions. You will reduce the chance of bad things happening to you!

Here’s everything you need to know to stay safe and get the most out of your next trip to Brazil.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Brasília, Df, Brazil

To help you protect yourself in Brazil, here are 12 tips to help keep you and your belongings safe:

1. Be purposeful – When you’re exploring, always be purposeful. It seems like you are going somewhere else in particular. even if you don’t go Pickpockets and thieves look for unsafe travelers. It doesn’t seem like a goal at all.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

2. Don’t Carry Cash – Carry only the minimum amount of cash needed each day. Return the remainder to your residence.

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3. Divide your cards – If you have several credit or debit cards, separate them (If you think you need them) and leave one locked in your house. That way, if something happens, you will have only one card.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

4. Don’t bring essentials to the beach – if you go to the beach Don’t bring unnecessary things, towels, bathing suits and other money and that’s it! Anything you bring may disappear!

5. Dress to match – When traveling, dress appropriately. Leave valuables or jewelry at home. Do not carry a camera or phone. If you must use it, be careful.

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Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Traveling To Brazil During Covid 19: What You Need To Know Before You Go

6. Carry a spare wallet – Carry a spare wallet with a small amount of money, this way in case you are robbed or pickpocketed. They don’t take your real wallet. (where you keep all your money and cards)

7. Avoid outdoor ATMs – if you need to withdraw money Use ATMs inside the building only. Always be aware of your surroundings before taking out your wallet.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

8. Double check your accommodation – wherever you are. Be sure to check your doors and windows before going out during the day or night. Do not leave valuables in your home, lock everything.

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9. Don’t accept free food/drinks – Don’t accept free drinks or food from strangers. It is common for victims to be drugged before being robbed. Therefore, free food or drink from strangers should be refused.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

10. Beware of distractions – Thieves will try to distract you before they rob you. Watch out for these common travel scams to help you stay alert.

11. Don’t walk alone at night – if necessary, avoid city beaches, parks and deserted streets.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Brazil Public Holidays

12. Be careful while driving – If you are traveling by car, keep the door locked. Pay attention to stop signs or red lights, especially at night. Most Brazilians don’t even stop to avoid the danger of being food.

13. Buy travel insurance – I never leave home without it. And you don’t have to buy again. Better to be safe than sorry!

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

We recommend SafetyWing for travelers under 70, while Insure My Trip is the best option for travelers over 70.

The Best Time To Visit Brazil In 2023

Yes! You will find all kinds of amazing street restaurants in cities like Rio de Janeiro and near the coast. And you’ll miss it if you haven’t tried it yet! Just make sure you’re in an area where lots of locals gather. So you know the food is not only safe but delicious too!

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

I recommend avoiding anything with shrimp or seafood as it goes stale quickly, but definitely try a couple as they are refreshing. (served as iced, very tasty)

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Most of the time you will find a restaurant that sells different types of meat. As long as it’s really ripe and hasn’t been out all day, give it a try!

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

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Feel free to ask your hotel or hostel staff for recommendations on street food or restaurants. Without a doubt, they will have delicious and safe options for you to try.

Water in Brazil is generally safe to drink. Even most Brazilians still use filtered or bottled water. Tap water often has an unpleasant taste. because of the cleaning So although it is good to brush your teeth, But it can have a strange taste. Yes, if you only drink when you are thirsty.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

If you are staying in a hostel or Airbnb, you can get filters. But always bring your own filter. Lifestraw is my favorite option.

Santos, São Paulo

Taxis in Brazil are safe and plentiful. They also use meters. Although it is a good idea to ask the staff at your hotel or guesthouse for an estimated cost before you go. have a bad apple Few are always trying to trick you. So make sure you listen to the meter and make sure it doesn’t grow too fast.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Also, always call a taxi ahead of time. Don’t hit a taxi on the street. (especially in the evening)

Brazil is safe for solo travelers. Although I would advise solo travelers to come here if they already have some solo travel experience. It’s not the best place for hikers to test the waters.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

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If you are struggling to travel alone Try to meet other travelers at the dorms. Traveling together will allow you to remain friends and avoid possible theft or robbery.

Brazil has a problem with poverty and crime. Therefore, women traveling alone should be careful. This is not a place for new travelers. And I highly recommend female solo travelers to visit here. If they are an experienced solo traveler, you will still want to make sure that you take all possible precautions.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Check with the staff at your guesthouse or hotel to see if you should avoid certain areas. You should also learn as many local languages ​​as possible so you don’t have to wait.

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Florianópolis, Brasilia (the capital of the country), Curitiba and Belo Horizonte are among the safest cities in Brazil. It has the lowest crime rate in the country.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

However, even big cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro that have high crime rates also go well And as long as you follow the advice above and stay alert. Well, you can stay safe while enjoying these amazing cities.

Brazil is an amazing and powerful country. But it is not without its dangers. Travelers here must be careful and alert at all times. Petty theft and theft are common. But if you follow the instructions above. You should be able to visit amazing places while still being safe.

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Things To Know Before You Travel To Brazil In 2022

Trust your intuition use common sense And make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance. Do this and you can stay safe in Brazil and have an unforgettable visit to this vibrant country.

Use Skyscanner to find cheap flights. They are my favorite search engine when searching for websites and flights from all over the world. So you always know that no stone is left behind!

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

You can book a hostel with Hostelworld as they have a huge inventory and the best deals. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as they return the lowest prices for hotels and budget hotels. My favorite places are:

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Travel insurance covers you against illness, injury, theft and cancellation, with comprehensive protection if something goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I have had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that provide great service and value are:

Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

Check out my resources page for the best companies to use when traveling. I’ve listed all the things I use to save money when I’m on the road. It will also save you money when you travel.

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Brazil Holiday Packages 2023

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