September 28, 2023

Chehlum Holiday 2023

Chehlum Holiday 2023 – On 23 December 2022, the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Pakistan issued a Notice on Public Holidays and Optional Public Holidays in Pakistan in 2023. Public holidays in Pakistan in 2022 are public holidays. Selected holidays in 2013 are not public holidays. These holidays are special local or religious holidays such as Christmas, Diwali, etc.

You can read details about public holidays and optional public holidays 2023 throughout the year 2023 in Pakistan. Some holidays are public holidays, but only on Christmas Day, which are the days after Christmas. There is also a third type of holiday, which is a public holiday. On public holidays, only banks are closed for public transactions. If not, the employee remains at the bank to complete the job. Another type of vacation at school, college or university is winter/summer/spring break. This type of leave is for students and teachers only. Teachers receive vacation travel allowances as long as they are on vacation.

Chehlum Holiday 2023

Chehlum Holiday 2023

The Government of Pakistan issued a notice to cancel the Iqbal Day holiday in 2015, but in 2022, the government returned the Iqbal Day holiday. The new 2023 holiday calendar includes these holidays as well.

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The Hindu community will celebrate the holy day of Diwali on 12-11-2022 in 2023. The Government of Sindh issued a special notice regarding Dhibli in Sindh province on 24 October 2022.

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Chehlum Holiday 2023

As already mentioned, this is the time of holidays, optional holidays. Here are some guidelines regarding optional holidays.

Preferred holidays are stated and may be assigned to the head of the office. But he had to make sure his job didn’t suffer. If optional leave is granted, it should not affect employment. If there is an optional Muslim holiday, staff must be organized in an appropriate manner. In the case of optional concessions, work must not be interrupted.

Chehlum Holiday 2023

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Officials cannot refuse. In the context of optional holidays of religious significance, officials generally cannot refuse. Denying him in these cases will reduce the amount of leave he is entitled to. The Federal Government has published the complete list of public holidays in Pakistan in 2023 including optional public holidays list. The Cabinet Office has issued a Notice on Public Holidays in Pakistan in 2023 and is attached to the post below.

According to the notice, the government has declared a total of 11 [11] public holidays in Pakistan in 2023, starting with Kashmir Day on February 5, 2023, and the last public holiday of the year will be observed at the end of the year on the 25th. December 2023 for Quaid. -e-Azam Day and Christmas.

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Chehlum Holiday 2023

However, on December 26, 2023 (the day after Christmas) there is an additional holiday for Christians only. Below we have compiled a list of all public holidays in Pakistan in 2023 and their details.

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Note: (*) For Muslim holidays, the date depends on the month in which the government issues a separate notice. This applies to Eid al-Adha public holidays in 2023, Eid Al-Fitr public holidays in 2023, Asyura public holidays (9th and 10th Muharram) in 2023 and Milad un Nabi public holidays in 2023.

Chehlum Holiday 2023

This is a list of all public holidays to observe during 2023. However, it is important to mention that on those days the Bank/DFI/MFB is closed only to the public, but staff are conducting business as normal.

In addition, this holiday is known as a public holiday only for civil servants. However, employees are only entitled to one day off if they are Muslim and three leave if they are not.

Chehlum Holiday 2023

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“These soft subsidies should not lead to job disruption. In case of Muslim holidays, the number of people who can use the holiday must be regulated to ensure that there are sufficient staff to continue the work. Optional holidays are religious in nature and may be permitted at the discretion of the Office Manager, provided they do not disrupt business.” Read notifications.

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“Normally, a public official cannot refuse optional holidays of religious significance, and such refusal may reduce the number of holidays he or she is entitled to.” Notifications have been added.

Chehlum Holiday 2023

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