September 28, 2023

China National Day Holiday 2023

China National Day Holiday 2023 – China has seven official holidays a year, including New Year’s Day. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival); Qing Ming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Harvest Festival and National Day. Among these official holidays are four traditional Chinese holidays which are always determined according to the lunar calendar. However, the third double festival is only celebrated by the Zhuang tribe in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

New Year’s Day (January 1): This festival marks the beginning of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar. It is not as celebrated as one would expect in most other countries, but most of today’s youth sleep well in the middle of the night; Going to a party and/or releasing Chinese red lanterns or fire lanterns is considered a countdown to the end of the year.

China National Day Holiday 2023

China National Day Holiday 2023

Chinese New Year (varies): year 2023; Chinese New Year falls on January 22 (2023 is the Year of the Rabbit), but is different each year according to the lunar calendar. In China, it is often called “Spring Festival”, which is a bit complicated. This is the biggest and most important holiday of the year, as almost everyone in China takes about 10 days off. With 100 million people traveling in a few weeks. Unfortunately, there are often crowds and traffic jams. in fact, Chinese New Year is currently the largest human migration in the world. During times like these, people who work from their hometown return to visit family and friends, eat together, and relax. They came to visit their relatives. They make small fireworks, go to a great show and see food from the city. Gift-giving is practiced almost entirely by the older generation, who give young people specially designed red envelopes (must be red) with coolers and cash.

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Double Third Festival (Varies): In 2023, this festival falls on April 22. This festival celebrates the Zhuang, a minority throughout Asia. Yao, This is a very popular festival for ethnic groups like Dong and Miao. The festival includes different activities for all groups. However, in general, most people celebrate by singing and dancing a lot while wearing traditional clothes, or taking advantage of the fine weather for picnics or other casual outdoor activities. Because the holiday is usually close to the upcoming “Qingming” holiday, people who take this holiday usually have 4-5 days of vacation time, which gives them great opportunities to travel.

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China National Day Holiday 2023

Qingming Festival (April 4th or 5th): In the year 2023 this festival falls on April 5th, but it always falls on the 4th or 5th due to their conjunction with the solar (Gregorian) calendar. Also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, this holiday has more than 5,000 years of remembering ancestors and visiting their graves. People who live within a reasonable distance from the graves of their loved ones spend the day at the graves, bringing flowers or food; They burn incense or carry a special memorial paper.

Labor Day (May 1) is an international holiday celebrated on May 1 worldwide (except the US in September) and commemorates the achievements and contributions of workers. Most Chinese people celebrate by traveling within the country or visiting amusement parks or beaches – within the country.

China National Day Holiday 2023

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Dragon Boat Festival (Different): 2023 This unique and fun holiday is celebrated on June 22. It is known for racing on purpose-built wooden longboats where crowds of people dance (flash) while playing music. Great unit. Mainland China Traditionally held in Hong Kong and Macau, the traditional boat race is so impressive that it has spread to many cities around the world. The traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival honors the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, and people enjoy the traditional glutinous rice dumplings, “Zongzi” (pronounced Tzong-Zih).

Harvest Festival (varies): In 2023, this festival will be held on September 29, which always coincides with the full moon this month. Taking advantage of the mild weather and the traditional harvest season, mid-autumn is the time for families to gather for big meals and go out at night to eat sweet cakes and watch the full moon. – Really likes a dessert called Moon Cake.

China National Day Holiday 2023

National Day (October 1) – Celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949. It is also known as “Golden Week” because people usually have 7 full days off. It is almost comparable in size to the Chinese New Year migration. 100 million people take advantage of long holidays and trips back to their hometowns; They travel domestically or for pleasure or internationally. All modes of transport are busy during this time. During the holidays, Chinese people mainly focus on feasting and spending time with their families. The holiday as we know it in the West is very popular in China and, like Christmas, just like any other. Also, China uses the lunar calendar for some holidays, so many holidays fall on different dates each year. In this article, we will explain the traditions associated with Chinese holidays and how businesses operate during this period.

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Chinese New Year, commonly known as Spring Festival (春力, chunji in Chinese) or Chinese New Year, is the most important Chinese holiday. Although they lasted about a week, the shows were often extended up to two weeks in practice. Firstly, the main purpose of this day is to welcome the new year and honor the gods and ancestors. However, now is the time to meet your immediate family. Focused on eating together and starting the new year.

China National Day Holiday 2023

On this day, homes and houses are decorated with traditional lanterns. People put stickers on doors with Chinese characters representing “hello” – 福 (Fú). Then, the children were given red wallets and envelopes. There is no specific amount to give as a gift. Therefore, some envelopes contain only a limited number of tokens, while others may contain hundreds of Chinese yuan.

It should also be noted that every year in China is associated with the zodiac. 2021 is the year of the ox and 2022 is the year of the tiger. In the year 2023, the top animal will be the rabbit. Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to work with China. The Chinese love to use the animals of the zodiac in market activities. Because of this, Even before the holiday season begins, you can see many of the ads or special collections dedicated to animals.

China National Day Holiday 2023

Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day

All factories and businesses are closed for the New Year. When ordering products from Chinese sellers, please note that your delivery may be delayed by up to a month due to holidays. Therefore, If you want to contact your Chinese business partner, Be sure to do this a few weeks before or after the holidays. In this way, you will not interfere with their customs and festivals.

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Qingming Jie (清明节) is equivalent to All Saints Day – a Christian holiday celebrated in November. The most important part of the day is honoring the ancestors by visiting graves, cleaning them, and burning fake items (usually a lot of money). The Chinese believe that cremated goods will reach the relatives of the deceased. Otherwise, the Chinese will provide their favorite food and wine to the ancestors left in the graves.

China National Day Holiday 2023

The Qingming Festival means a few days off, so all businesses and factories will be closed. But not long holidays. So, after this short time, you will be able to connect with your Chinese business partners again.

Chinese New Year

Unlike other Chinese holidays, Labor Day is not celebrated according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, it falls on the same date every year. Currently there are no special festivals, but getting together outside and hanging out with the family is a popular form of leisure time. Since the holiday takes place in the warm season, many festivals or outdoor activities can be included.

China National Day Holiday 2023

The History of the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 Duānwǔ jié) is dedicated to the Chinese poet and scholar Qu Yuan. According to legend, Qu Yuan was a loyal official of the Kingdom of Chu. He displayed unusual tact and intelligence, which after a while drew criticism from other officers. The king was accused of perjury and conspiracy and expelled from the country. Qu Yuan strapped a rock to his chest and jumped into the Miluo River, killing himself with pain. The villagers searched for him day and night on dragon boats. Thus, the annual festival is associated with the poet’s “rediscovery” of himself. According to legend, it is still at the bottom of the river.

Rice dumplings called “zongzi” are the most popular dish during the Dragon Boat Festival. They are simply rice (sweet or mixed with salt) wrapped in bamboo leaves.

China National Day Holiday 2023

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The Harvest Festival (中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié) is associated with Chinese moon goddess legends.

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