September 28, 2023

Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia – Vesak now falls on a Friday, increasing the number of long public holiday weekends to seven in 2023.

SINGAPORE: There will be a total of seven long bank holiday weekends instead of six next year after Vesak Day was changed to a Friday.

Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

The Ministry of Labor (MOM) announced on Thursday (Sept 29) that June 2 in 2023 will be a new public holiday for Vesak Day after the Singapore Buddhist Federation (SBF) announced the changed date. The earlier announced date for Vesak was June 3, which is a Saturday.

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In a statement on its website, the SBF said it had earlier notified the Labor Ministry of the June 3 Vesak Day date in relation to the standard Sino-Western multi-year almanac.

Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

“After receiving feedback from members of the public, we compared the date with other Chinese almanacs and found that the 2023 Vesak Day date is based on the Mahayana tradition of 2023. June 3, which coincides with the 15th of the fourth lunar month. SBF said.

The federation apologized for the inconvenience and said it would conduct additional checks and investigations to prevent such incidents in the future.

Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

Malaysia Public Holidays 2023

Since next year’s Chinese New Year falls on Sunday, January 22 and Monday, January 23 consecutively, it will be part of a long four-day weekend. Tuesday 24 January will also be a public holiday.

Employees who are required to work on public holidays are entitled to additional basic pay in addition to their gross pay for that day, the Mo said.

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Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

Employers also have the option to grant time off on public holidays to the following groups of employees based on a mutually agreed number of hours: employees earning more than S$4,500 per month; Unemployed persons earning more than S$2,600 per month; and all managers and supervisors.

Why Jb Only 1 Day Chinese New Year Holiday While Most Other States In Malaysia 2 Days?

With an estimated processing time of one to two weeks for passports, those with year-end travel plans should apply now: ICA

Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

We know switching browsers is a pain, but we want your experience with CNA to be fast, secure, and great. National Malaysia Public Holidays Calendar 2023 shows all public holidays celebrated by Malaysian people. However, there may be official changes to the dates shown in the calendar, which will be announced in general. So it is important that the user checks for updates regularly. To view all 2023 Public Holidays in Malaysia, the user has to scroll through the list of public holidays. Also, the user can select the country of residence in Malaysia and find the public holiday calendar for that particular region or state.

Official public holidays in Malaysia in 2023 are mainly celebrated by private and government organizations. However, the most commonly celebrated holiday in Malaysia is National Day. It is also celebrated as Independence Day on the thirty first day of August to commemorate the independence of Malaysia. Additionally, the first 2023 May Day will be celebrated as Labor Day and the birthday of the King of Malaysia will be celebrated on the first day of 2023. Saturdays in June.

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Chinese New Year Holiday 2023 Malaysia

China National Holidays 2022 And Schedule Of Adjusted Working Days

The Malaysian public holiday calendar in 2023 mentions many other festivals that fall on major public holidays. It should also be noted that the major Malaysian public holidays in 2023 are public holidays in each of the major religions. They follow the Malaysian Western calendar and are religious. Malaysia Public Holidays 2023 Date Holiday Year Country January 01 New Year’s Day (all except JHR, KDH, KTN, PLS, TRG) 2023 Malaysia January 2 New Year’s Day” observed in 2023 (except JHR, KDH, KTN, PLS, TRG) Malaysia 14 January Yang Di-Pertuan Besar (Negeri Sembilan) Birthday 2023 Malaysia 22 January Chinese New Year 2023 Malaysia 23 January Second Day of Chinese New Year 2023 Malaysia February 01 Bundo Territory Day (KUL, LBN, PJY) Valentine’s Day 2023 1 February 2023 Malaysia February 18 Isra and Mi’raj (KDH, NSN, PLS) 2023 Malaysia March 04 Sultan of Terengganu (Terenganu) 2023 Coronation Anniversary in 2023 Malaysia March 21 Equinox, 2023 March 21 , MLK) March 23 Sultan of Johor (Johor) in 2023 Birthdays 2023 April 7 Malaysia Good Friday (Sabah, Sarawak) 2023 April 8 Nuzul Al-Quran (most regions) 2023 Malaysia April 20 History of Oriya Malacca City (Malacca) 2023 Malaysia in 2023 April 22 Hari-Rey A-Pusa 2023 April 23 Malaysia 2 Hari-Rai-Puasa Day 2 2023 Malaysia 26 April Birthday of the Sultan of Terengganu (Terenganu) 2023 3 May Pahang Public Holiday 2023 Malaysia 08 May Pahang National Holiday (Pahang) 2023 Celebration Malaysia 30 May Harvest Festival (Labuan, Sabah) 2023 Malaysia 31 May Harvest Festival Day 2 (Labuan, Sabah) ) 2023 Malaysia June 01 (S Gawai Dayak) 2023 June 2 Malaysia Gawai Dayak Holidays (Sarawak) 2023 Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s Birthday in 3 June 2023 Malaysia 21 June Solstice 2023 29 June 2023 Malaysia , KTN, PLS, TRG) 2023 Malaysia 7 July World Heritage City Day Georgetown (Penang) 2023 Malaysia Penang (Penang) Governor’s Birthday 2023 17 July Malaysia Muharram / New Year 2023 Malaysia July 22 Sarawak (Sarawak) Independence Day 2023 Malaysia 23 August Almarhun Sultan Iskandar Hall Day (Joho R) Malaysia in 2023 2023 August 31 Malaysia National Day 2023 Malaysia 16 September in 2023 Malaysia 16 September Malaysia 23 September Sabah Governor’s Birthday 2023 Malaysia 13 October Governor of Malacca (Malacca) Birthday 2023 Malaysia 14 October Sa Birthday of the Governor of Rawak (Sarawak) 2023 Malaysia Pahang 24 Birthday of the Sultan of Perak (Perak) Malaysia 2023 November 11 Birthday of the Sultan of Kelantan (Kelantan) Malaysia 2023 Malaysia November 12 Birthday of the Sultan of Kelantan (Day 2) (Kelantan) 2023 Selangor ( Selangor) in 2023 2023 Malaysia 22 December Solstice 2023 22 December 2023 Malaysia 24 December Christmas Eve Malaysia 2023 25 December Christmas Day Malaysia 31 2023 December. New Year’s Eve in Malaysia is a Malaysian holiday usually celebrated at the state and federal levels. Major List of Federal Holidays in Malaysia 2023 held across the country. Each union territory and each state is expected to observe additional public holidays. It should be noted that Malaysia’s public holidays in 2023 are considered a combination of types of secular public holidays. Malaysian citizens celebrate these holidays as part of the nation’s history. PDF PDF PDF PDF

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