September 28, 2023

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023 – 3 power plants were damaged when power lines were frozen. Freezing temperatures have disrupted the operation of many nuclear reactors. Energy demand forecasts fail. Nearby retailers in other states are struggling to warm to unsold customers.

A series of outages on Christmas Eve caused Duke Energy to permanently outage thousands of North Carolina residents for the first time in state history. More than 1,300 megawatts, or 3.6%, of Duke Energy’s electricity generation in North Carolina is experiencing “load shedding,” as it’s known in utility parlance.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

These bright holiday lights dim holiday lights, take down mighty deer, and turn smoky, hot fireplaces into dark graveyards. To make matters worse, Duke Energy notified its customers too late. In most cases, residents don’t know about it until their TVs turn off in the middle of a Hallmark movie.

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On Tuesday, 10 days after the energy and public relations disaster, the North Carolina Utilities Commission invited Duke Energy to explain itself.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Duke Energy officials admit the bad weather isn’t surprising. For the past week, meteorologists have been tracking Winter Storm Elliott, and the Weather Channel has documented the devastation in its bleak backdrop: cities buried under a foot of snow; many deaths; There are temperature drops. up to 30 degrees.

In addition, The user was at the worst time of the disaster: Christmas weekend; lights, TVs, stoves, when selling holiday decorations and electronics; When every grocery store and convenience store lights up, they’re looking for shoppers’ last dollar.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

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“We believe we have enough electricity,” Kendal Bowman, head of Duke Energy’s North Carolina operations, told the Utilities Commission, which not only meets peak demand but also has more than 2,500 megawatts in reserve.

But when the storm hit North Carolina on the night of Dec. 23, the data “showed a difference between the actual load and the model predictions,” Bowman said. But until 22:00. Agency officials believe each of North Carolina’s secondary regions has 900 to 1,100 megawatts of storage remaining.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

The events of the early morning hours of December 24th show how the threat posed to the network not only in North Carolina, but throughout the region.

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When temperatures dipped into the single digits a few hours after midnight on Christmas Eve, Bowman said demand “picked up faster than the model indicated.” “The power we buy from outside is not clear, the reality is that the demand will exceed the capacity.”

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Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

2.5 million residents; The first domino fell in the Duke Energy Carolinas region serving businesses and customers. By midnight on Christmas Eve, officials had reduced power at the gas-powered Dan River bike-share station to about half of its 360 megawatts, said Sam Holeman, vice president of media. (Also called downgrading.)

Parts of the plant’s equipment froze, and workers cut off electricity to prevent the building from failing completely. Buck’s factory in Salisbury suffered from low-pressure problems and had to downsize after high energy consumption.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Duke Energy Apologizes For Holiday Blackouts

The solar power plant was not available overnight during the peak hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., but Duke officials said it was “operating as expected.”

An additional 750 MW of power purchased by Duke Energy was cut by another 250 MW due to “inefficiencies,” but the planned purchase has not yet been completed.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Meanwhile, the crisis erupted at 2 a.m. in the Duke Energy Progress area. Roxboro Unit #3; Power was then reduced at two power plants at Mayo Unit #1. units. And Duke can’t buy fire from anyone anywhere.

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Energy requirements continue to increase when the first diners eat breakfast around 6 a.m. ACE (Area Control Error) measures the stability of the power supply, which is critical to the reliability of the regional power system, because it is “not in the desired state,” said Scott Batson, senior vice president and director of regional power distribution.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

In fact, the situation is worse. Duke implemented an emergency alert system as required by the North American Energy Security Corporation, which oversees the security of most power grids.

“If you don’t act to reduce the load, you can lose ‘system speed,'” said Holeman, the black leader for several states on the Eastern Interconnection grid.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

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6:14 a.m. The Duke Energy Carolina area is experiencing a continuous blackout. Customers in the Duke Energy Progress area have a little more time; He started his speech at 8 am.

The crisis was compounded by a flawed “load shedding” automation device that schedules shutdowns and prioritizes circuits to be temporarily offline. Duke has been using the device since 2017 and tested it on Dec. 12, 2022, Batson said.

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Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

At 6:45 am, 234 circuits were extinguished. 25 minutes later Automated equipment that requires manual unloading of workers is no longer responsive.

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At 7:35 a.m., the National Electricity Agency shut down two transmission lines to ensure power safety. By 8 am, 269 circuits were manually removed.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Residential and small industrial/commercial customers are cut first. Power is off to critical infrastructure like hospitals and nursing homes, and these facilities often have backup generators as a last resort.

But, as Duke presented before the commission, the recovery process was also complicated. for example, Operators need to identify downed circuits and ensure they are repaired before re-energizing them. 269 ​​Circuits must be restored in sections, and care must be taken not to overdo it.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

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Power was restored to customers affected by the outage by 4 p.m. As there were people who were devastated by the storm, they were restored by Christmas Eve. Again, Customers are asked to conserve energy on December 25 and December 26 to avoid another crisis.

The commission’s CEO Charlotte Mitchell said, “The revelations of what has happened are shocking and appalling,” citing the risk to the Eastern Interconnect system in particular. “We need to understand what happened here to prevent this from happening again.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Thousands of customers are already without power due to blackouts, not storm damage. However, as Duke workers try to prevent North Carolina’s power grid from collapsing, the blackout has shocked the public.

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Due to the fast-moving nature of the situation, Batson said Duke did not release its communications plan until after the blackout. This includes social media; Traditional wedding dress, As long as the retailer’s mobile device and the customer can access those features without electricity, the main message on the pull-out map is included.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Batson explained that customers did not receive advance warning of the outage. “Because it takes hours to send the message to the operators before sending the message,” he explained.

However, In many cases, Estimated times are optimistic – just 15 minutes initially. The update is a text message; As it arrives by phone or email — for those who know how to pay the Postal Service — the retrieval time has been increased from 30 to 60 minutes. .

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Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

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Depending on what Duke ultimately means by “day,” the message may mean 6 p.m. Or 11:59pm anyway on December 24th when the sun goes down and it gets dark.

Low temperatures on Christmas Eve – 10 degrees in Raleigh and 9 in Charlotte – were far from the coldest on record in North Carolina. These readings occurred in 1985 when the mercury dropped to minus 9 and minus 5 respectively.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Even in January 2018, the major cities of the state were 5 to 8 degrees colder. However, there is no progress regarding the blacks.

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Sam Holeman said Duke has been able to purchase power from other utilities in the past. This time, “all our neighbors are suffering,” he said.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

Preston Gillespie, Duke Energy’s senior vice president and chief planning officer, said utilities are bracing for the recent cold weather. “I understand the need to be prepared,” he said. “As the time approaches, all the preparations for the buildings have been completed. We are watching the weather forecast to ensure there is enough generation for demand.”

This includes 93 percent of the industry’s nuclear power plants; 11 out of 15 coal-fired power plants and 8 out of 9 natural gas-fired plants. (Twenty-three percent of the 55 natural gas-burning units switched from burning natural gas to oil during the pre-Christmas crisis, a Duke official said.)

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

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The three types of external service models show that the service provider can meet the demand. The models are on vacation; In the weeks and other months, they base their predictions “on history and how things work,” said Nelson Peeler, senior vice president and director of media.

The model is a weekender. sunday holiday It was complicated by the combination of high winds and low temperatures. “He didn’t predict the behavior of the customer” — electricity demand — Peeler said.

Duke Holiday Schedule 2023

This situation means “this model is not as clear as it used to be. There are more errors in the extreme cases,” Peeler said, adding that the model has data to predict demand.

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