September 28, 2023

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023 – Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School’s Point of View (POV) Retreat Center kicks off the spring semester with a new pollinator-friendly landscape. Its exterior has been redone for flowering vines, and the entrance has redone flower beds planted with perennial shrubs and flowering plants, as well as new native and flowering trees. The plants were selected with local ecology and long-term sustainability in mind, creating a vibrant new look for the facility that complements the tranquil landscape of Belmont Bay, where wildlife thrives.

Jessica Avila-Franco, POV’s Events and Facilities Manager, worked with Mason Management Grounds Program Director and Certified Arborist Erich Miller to develop a landscaping plan that prioritizes native species to enhance the facility’s natural beauty while supporting native pollinators.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

Avila-Franco is seeking funding from the Patriot Green Fund for University Sustainability, a Mason grant that allows the campus community to participate in solutions that reduce Mason’s environmental impact. In the fall of 2022, the Patriots Green Fund Committee approved an application for students, faculty and staff and awarded $20,000 to complete the project.

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“Viewpoint is a unique and peaceful place at George Mason University,” said Avila-Franco. “Adding native pollinators and landscaping (thanks to support from Erich and the Patriot Green Fund) will allow us to enhance the natural beauty of this place while continuing our commitment to the environment and conservation awareness.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

The program also offers samples from George Mason University-accredited botanical garden collections that can be accessed online and admired in person for the ecological diversity of the Mason University campus.

“This collaboration between leadership, vision and university sustainability is a testament to our continued commitment to improve, enhance and commit to our mission of providing a great campus environment for all students, staff and visitors to learn and enjoy,” Miller said.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

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POV is a dedicated space for peacebuilding practice and learning, offering tailored in-person and online training and supporting local, national and global organizations and communities. It is available for space rental meetings, retreats and special events. Book online.

If you have an idea to make Mason more sustainable, contact the Patriot Green Fund using the interest form to learn more about how to get started. The upcoming last PGF submission date for spring 2023 is March 10.

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Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

The 2023 Green Game will be played on January 25, 2023 between the George Mason Patriots women’s basketball team and the University of Rhode Island. With the help of 21 volunteers who completed 66 hours of on-the-job training, Mason successfully achieved an 84.2% recycling rate of toy waste, the fraction of mass that was not sent to the incinerator (i.e. 41.6% composted and 42.6% recycled). . Tracking diversion amounts is a great way to measure the effectiveness of reuse, recycling and composting programs.

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The goal of every green game is to achieve a “zero waste” basketball game, meaning that 90% or more of all waste generated during the game is directed to the arena’s trash through green procurement, composting or recycling. Mason’s Green Game is an initiative that aims to promote a sustainable university culture through the so-called zero-waste basketball game. The Green Game raises awareness of zero waste, showcases the important work of Mason’s recycling, dining and housekeeping staff, and highlights that composting is an important part of the university’s Office of Sustainability’s zero waste strategy.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

University Sustainability partners with Mason Athletics, EagleBank Arena Operations and Events, Mason Dining (Sodexo), V&G Cleaning SVSC, Recycling and Waste Management, and volunteers to achieve our goal of zero waste. The Green Game was founded in 2014 during George Mason’s first Atlantic 10 conference season. The Green Game is Mason’s official entry into the National Federation of Wildlife’s Race to Zero Waste on Campus (CR2ZW) game day basketball competition.

Since 2014, Mason’s Green Play initiative has eliminated 10,899 pounds of incinerated waste, provided experiential learning opportunities for more than 330 volunteers, engaged more than 37,475 basketball players in zero-waste practices and placed in the top ten in campus competitions. 11 zero-waste game day basketball games. In addition to increasing Mason’s waste recycling rate, our participation in the 2023 Game Day Basketball Challenge encourages our campus community to confidently embrace zero waste practices, providing service learning opportunities for all members of the Mason community. The CR2ZW competition offered the University’s sustainable development the opportunity to produce zero waste awareness and engagement materials with volunteers, staff and participants sharing feedback and experiences on waste sorting.

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Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

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Masonic students, faculty, alumni and non-Masonic audience members came together to support the efforts of this year’s Green Gaming Partners. Volunteers helped set up a centralized waste point (i.e. house trash, recycling, and compost bins at the same time), provided trash training, and did post-event waste checks. “We have volunteers at nearly every landfill, which leads to better sorting behavior before waste collection and more efficient use of our time in the post-collection sorting process,” said Gregory Farley, the university’s director of sustainability. The post-competition audit produces real-time data on waste behavior that helps University Sustainability and Mason make operational and logistical decisions to improve Mason’s overall waste recycling rate and campus recycling system. Mason student volunteers earn service learning and volunteer hours for their participation, and eligible employees use school aid and volunteer time off to join, made possible through collaboration with the Human Resources department’s faculty and staff engagement team.

Almost all of the food offered at a discount during EagleBank Areena’s Green Game is recyclable or compostable. During green games, compost, recycling and garbage bins are placed around the arena to support the arena’s transition to green procurement and facilitate the entry of new waste streams.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

According to the university’s sustainability team, “Although we fell short of our 2023 Green Play goal of zero waste (90%), we managed to raise awareness of Mason’s presence on campus by providing hands-on education during the navigation process. Awareness of efforts As a compostable and reusable cutlery alternative, Green piloted Game’s first PPE recycling and hard-to-recycle system and supported improvements by piloting bilingual trash labels in the game Zero waste label.

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Yassmin Salem, program manager at Mason Exhibitions, helps divert waste by creating free art supplies for art schools while supporting students. The Free Art Supplies Cabinet is a socially conscious resource that provides access to valuable art supplies that are not always affordable, promotes a culture of sharing among students, and encourages recycling rather than discarding unused or unnecessary materials. The emphasis on social issues stems from Mason Exhibitions’ mission and partnership with the Provisions Center for the Study of Arts and Social Change, which provides artists and scholars with books on 33 social change topics as resources. The tasks are located in the Art and Design Building L001.

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Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

“Donating unwanted materials, repurposing existing items and sharing surplus items are practical ways to incorporate sustainability into your life and build community with others,” said Salem.

Art students can spend hundreds of dollars a semester on art supplies such as paints, brushes, sketchbooks, pencils, and canvas. After the semester, many objects remain unused and can be given a new life. Salem recognized the opportunity to coordinate combined resources to redistribute these units. Making art in all its forms is part of a hobby and self-care, so it is an organic resource for the entire Masonic community.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

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In the free art supply cabinet, you’ll find beads, crayons, charcoal, fabric, scrap paper, sketchbooks, resin stencils, ribbon and thread, office supplies, and other mixed media. The Free Art Supplies Cabinet is located on the Fairfax campus in Room 2046 of the Art and Design Building.

Mason grants supported by the Patriot Green Fund allow the campus community to contribute to solutions that reduce Mason’s environmental impact. Salem is asking for cabinets and shelves so Mason students can use the free art cabinets.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

“This is a great example of a Patriot Green project,” said Sarah D’Alexander, Patriot Green Fund Sustainability Program Manager. “Not only does this help prevent unnecessary waste, it promotes Mason’s culture of recycling and resource sharing, which we hope other departments will be inspired to adopt.”

Pandora Report: 1.20.2023

If you have extra office or art supplies to share with the Mason community, please visit the Art and Design Building, Room 2046 during school hours to make a donation. If you have any questions about the free art cabinet, please contact [email protected] or @muralsatmason on Instagram and Facebook.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

If you have a project idea to make Mason more sustainable, let Patriot Green Fund know about it using the project interest form.

HVAC technician Geoffrey Lopez was named GMU Employee of the Month for January. In addition to his preventive maintenance program responsibilities, Lopez correctly identified and quickly responded to unexpected computer room air conditioning (CRAC) issues.

Gmu Holiday Schedule 2023

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Computer room air conditioner,

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