September 28, 2023

Holiday 2023 Denmark

Holiday 2023 Denmark – Denmark’s Constitution Day is celebrated on June 5 to commemorate the signing of the Danish constitution with four major reforms taking place on the same date. Since the closest national day to Denmark is Constitution Day, it is honored with a full sense of patriotism. June 5 marks the birth of Danish democracy, and is marked every year with secular services, speeches by local politicians, raising of the national flag and church congregations, as well as a series of events across the country.

Constitution Day is a special day for Denmark. After decades of absolute monarchy, from 1660 to 1849, the first constitution was signed by King Fredrik VII in 1849, finally declaring Denmark a constitutional monarchy – a system that allows the use of power in a limited legal form.

Holiday 2023 Denmark

Holiday 2023 Denmark

The constitution was first amended in 1866, and then, after the women’s movement in 1915, when women were allowed to vote, the 1849 constitution underwent another amendment. A third revision was made in 1920, followed by the final version, signed in 1953, which is still followed without any new developments. Since there is no amendment process, all constitutional documents must be updated whenever new provisions are added or removed.

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It is interesting that almost all constitutional changes took place on June 5, which gives that date greater significance. The last version, after the abolition of the Upper House, created a single parliament. From allowing women to inherit the throne to reducing the percentage of women’s votes needed to amend the constitution (from 45% to 40%), June 5 is the most important day in Denmark.

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Holiday 2023 Denmark

It is not an official holiday, shops and businesses close after noon, and workers have half a day off. Political organizations and parties meet for mundane services, the Dannebrog rises to the sky, and the general public spends the whole day in common rejoicing.

Parliament votes on the Danish constitution, officially changing the absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

Holiday 2023 Denmark

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Constitution Day was a half-day from 1891 to 1975. Today is not an official holiday either, but it is more or less considered one.

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Holiday 2023 Denmark

New Year is a public holiday for the general public compared to the holiday of 2023. This means that offices, colleges, schools, universities and several other educational institutions are still closed on this day.

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It is customary to listen to the Queen’s speech on this day with the people of Denmark. The speech starts at 6:00 am, after which people start preparing for the event with a glass of champagne.

Holiday 2023 Denmark

Many restaurants also opt for a special New Year’s menu, as many nightclubs and music clubs offer fantastic New Year’s packages with free entry, free bar and unlimited champagne. The traditional “Kranskage” (which basically means flower cake) is also cut when the clock strikes 12 and the new year begins.

At 12:00 at night it is customary for the people of Denmark to gather at the city hall in the center of Copenhagen to celebrate the New Year.

Holiday 2023 Denmark

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