September 28, 2023

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar – Traditionally, the holiday calendar includes two major week-long holidays (often called ‘Golden Week’): the Spring Festival (also known as Chinese New Year) and the National Day holiday.

In 2023, the Spring Festival falls from January 21 to January 27, and the National Day holiday falls from September 29 to October 6, the same period as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Foreign HR managers should note that Saturdays and Sundays are often marked as additional official working days in China to compensate for long holiday periods.

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For example, in 2023, Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29 were designated as official working days to partially compensate for the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, and Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October were partially designated as official working days. . . Concentrated seven-day vacation for the national holiday, resulting in two 7-day work weeks.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

However, private companies in China have the right to set their own schedule – that is, to allow more days off – as long as the official holiday schedule is maintained.

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Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

National Holidays In Hong Kong In 2023

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Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Every year, China has 7 public holidays that all citizens enjoy: Rosh Hashanah, Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China.

Hong Kong School Calendar And Hong Kong Public Holidays

The next public holiday in China is Labor Day. It is May 1, 2023. The Chinese will have five days off, which is Golden Week. Contact us if you want to travel during your vacation.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

New Year’s Day is one of the public holidays in China and people usually have 3 days off. Although it is not a traditional festival in China, most shopping malls are decorated during the holiday and stores launch sales promotions.

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The Spring Festival is the most important festival and holiday in China. People enjoy a week off for family gatherings, and many traditions and activities continue during this time.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Uco Bank Holidays List 2023

In terms of travel, Chinese New Year is one of the less touristic seasons, but it is also one of the best times to experience Chinese culture.

In China, the King Ming Festival is also known as Grave Cleaning Day. The Chinese enjoy a 3-day vacation (if logged for a weekend). It’s time to worship the ancestors and enjoy the green of spring.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

The Chinese have 5 days off on Labor Day. This is one of the best times of the year to travel.

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The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanwu Festival, is a traditional Chinese cultural festival. There are 3 public holidays for Chinese residents.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

It is also known as Moon Festival or Moon Cake Festival. Some of the more traditional rituals include family gatherings, appreciating the full moon, eating moon cakes and lighting lanterns.

The Chinese have a week off every year in early October to mark China’s National Day. It is also a peak period for tourism as many people use this holiday to travel with their families.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

China National Holidays 2023 And Schedule Of Adjusted Working Days

China’s National Day, Spring Festival and Labor Day are the three “Golden Weeks” in China. These are the three longest holidays in China: 7 days off each for China’s National Day and Spring Festival, and 5 days for Labor Day.

Long vacations boost the tourism industry. During the ‘Golden Weeks’ flight and hotel room prices go up – hence the name. Crowds are expected at popular tourist spots. If you plan to travel during ‘Golden Week’, we recommend booking in advance and choosing less traveled destinations.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in China. The Chinese get seven days off, and some can get up to 15 days off. Most of the factories are closed for a week, except for some in the service sector, such as hotels and large restaurants.

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Some businesses will remain open during the holidays. Most major shopping centers, tourist attractions, public transportation, hotels and restaurants will be open as usual, or will remain open longer.

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Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

In total, there are 13 days off for public holidays in mainland China, excluding Saturdays and Sundays: four 3-day holidays, one 5-day holiday and two 7-day holidays.

These holidays are used at least two days each weekend. If the holiday does not fall on a weekend, one or two adjacent weekends are worked to make up for it.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Subscribing To A Holiday Calendar

In the 7-day holiday, four weekend days are used: two on the holiday and two adjacent weekend days, which work to compensate.

Whether you want to visit China to experience traditional Chinese festivals or prefer to avoid the holiday crowds, we can help.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

All our tours are customizable. We will create a vacation tour for you based on your group size, time, budget, interests and other needs. Contact us to know more.

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Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Your trip will be tailored by your personal travel consultant – a destination expert. Any response will be within 24 hours.

Enjoy your personal local guide and car. Explore destinations at your own pace. There is unparalleled flexibility that is impossible on a group tour.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

Public Holidays 2023: How To Maximise Your Annual Leave

Discover hidden gems. Experience the local culture by following it. Try new and exciting activities, and discover the stories behind places and people.

Knowledgeable, passionate and attentive – your personal local guides will share interesting stories, inside information and even introduce unexpected highlights!

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

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Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

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Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

China National Holidays 2022 And Schedule Of Adjusted Working Days

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And the children. Then our free download Hong Kong school newspaper will become your new best friend.

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

We also use all the power of positive thinking to plan how we will use the school holidays for next year.

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You can try to decide when is the best time to plan your family vacation. Or maybe you want to plan some local adventures with friends and family whose children attend different international schools? This handy guide lists holidays and breaks for some of the top international schools in Hong Kong and makes it easy to see which dates are available. Click the thumbnail below to download your school’s calendar, or scroll down to find your school. Welcome!

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2023 Calendar

All we have learned in recent years is that all plans are subject to change. Although it is true.

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