September 28, 2023

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule – The City of Santa Barbara is ready to work with residents who are struggling to pay their utility bills during the coronavirus pandemic.

Santa Barbara, CA – MarBorg Industries, a local commercial waste collection company, has felt a drastic change as restaurants, businesses and stores begin to close as the state’s stay-at-home order begins.

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

“The commercial side of things has definitely slowed down,” said Brian Borgatello, president of MarBorg Industries. “We are taking a loss on this.”

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“When the commercial side of this starts to slow down, that number will decrease.” We expect the residential side to increase as many people are now staying at home,” said Alan Coulter, Director of Risk and Security, MarBorg Industries.

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

To protect its 330 employees from the spread of the coronavirus, MarBorg implemented several procedures.

“Employees treat them very differently because they keep 8 to 10 feet apart,” Borgatello said. “We use masks and gloves to protect our employees.”

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

Fun In The Sun

However, MarBorg managers are now asking employees to do their best to protect this popular resource.

“We’re asking them to look at them a little better,” Coulter said. “Don’t procrastinate every day.”

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Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

“If you’ve been comfortable using it for a week or so and it’s clean, use it,” Borgaetello said. “You will not only help us, but the whole community.”

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In a time of crisis where many jobs have been lost, Borgatello is grateful that the government has seen MarBorg as an important service.

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

“For ourselves, for the whole company, for every employee a place to go to work.” We are very lucky and there are many unfortunate people who are sitting at home, losing their jobs and never working.”

While navigating the coronavirus pandemic, waste collection companies are focusing on cleaning up their communities while prioritizing the well-being of their employees and customers.

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

Isla Vista Beautiful

All MarBorg services are subject to change during this period of uncertainty, but any adjustments will be communicated to the site immediately.

Blake DeVine is a multimedia reporter and sports anchor for News Channel 3-12. Click here to learn more about Blake.

Marborg 2023 Holiday Schedule

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