September 28, 2023

Post Office Holidays In October 2023

Post Office Holidays In October 2023 – As usual, the holiday consists of two week-long holidays (often referred to as “Golden Week”): the Spring Festival (also known as Chinese New Year) and a public holiday, National Day.

In 2023, the Spring Festival falls between January 21 and January 27, and the National Day falls between September 29 and October 6, and the Mid-Autumn Festival falls at the same time.

Post Office Holidays In October 2023

Post Office Holidays In October 2023

Managers of foreign workers should be aware that Saturdays and Sundays are often marked as official working days in China to compensate for long vacations.

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For example, in 2023, Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29 are designated as official working days to partially compensate for the seven days off for the Spring Festival, and Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8 are designated as working days. , subtract seven days off for national holidays, resulting in two 7-day work weeks.

Post Office Holidays In October 2023

However, private companies in China have the right to set their own hours – that is, to allow extra days off – as long as an official holiday calendar is kept.

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Post Office Holidays In October 2023

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Post Office Holidays In October 2023

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