September 28, 2023

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario – The Canadian government has officially announced September 30 as the new national holiday this year (2021). Known as the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, this day is dedicated to honoring First Nations, Inuit and Métis people, as well as their families and communities. It is also planned to be a day to raise awareness and address the harm done to Indigenous peoples as a result of the pre-primary system in Canadian schools.

However, the Ontario government has confirmed that September 30 will not be a public holiday in the province in 2021. This has left dentists confused as to what this means for their practice. So, in this article, we will cover frequently asked questions about federal and state vacation laws.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

While some holidays are celebrated nationally, each country has its own rules to determine which holidays are considered public holidays, known as statutory holidays or “status days” at the state level. For example, the Employment Standards Act in Ontario defines nine days as public holidays: New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. These are the only holidays you should consider when scheduling and paying your employees.

What’s Open And Closed On Monday, Sept. 19 In Hamilton

The other four days are celebrated as national holidays (see picture). On these days, including the new September 30th

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

Leave, only businesses in federally controlled industries (banks, federal government offices, etc.) are required to take it as paid leave for their employees. Because these activities are managed

An employee’s entitlement to a public holiday varies depending on whether it is a public holiday or whether they are working on a holiday. The first three definitions you need to know:

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

Statutory Holidays In Canada In 2022

Public holiday pay. The amount of holiday pay an employee is entitled to is calculated by adding the employee’s regular salary earned in the four weeks of work preceding the holiday and holiday pay for the four weeks of work in question, and then dividing by 20. .

Holiday replacement: another working day replaces a public holiday. The employee is entitled to paid holidays.

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September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

Premium fees. The premium is one and a half (1½) times the employee’s regular salary. If an eligible employee works on a public holiday, he will be paid 1.5 times the fixed rate of pay for each hour worked.

Ontario General Election

As a dentist, you can close your clinic or stay open on weekends. There are many things to consider when making this decision. The first thing that a business owner can look at is the difference between the actual operating costs and the income you would earn if you open. Let’s look at a few different ways.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

For example, consider working with a team consisting of one office manager, a dental assistant, and two dental hygienists. Your working hours are Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00.

As you look at your patient list, you notice that many of your patients will be attending religious or family meetings during Easter week. So you decide to close the school on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

Holidays And Observances In Canada In 2023

Good Friday is a public holiday in Ontario, so every team member is entitled to a day off with public holiday pay (as opposed to regular pay). Therefore, you will need to pay holiday pay to the three employees who would have worked on Friday: the office manager, the dental assistant, and the dentist 2.

Dental Hygienist 1 usually does not work on Fridays, so there are two options. They can too

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

However, Easter Monday is a public holiday for union-regulated businesses, so you don’t have to pay your team members on the day you close your practice.

Queen’s Funeral Holiday: What’s Open And Closed Across Canada On Sept. 19

Imagine the same team and plan as in the example above. If you find that many of your patients don’t usually celebrate Easter weekend, it might be helpful to be open on both days instead. In this case, each member of your team is still entitled to a good Friday holiday and public holiday pay. You can’t force your team to work, but you can offer a day off as an alternative. They can come to work

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September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

If they want to work on Good Friday, they must give permission electronically or in writing.

Again, Easter Monday is not a public holiday in Ontario, so you will be working your normal Monday schedule. No additional fees or holiday changes are required.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

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The cost-benefit shouldn’t be your only choice when it comes to staying open during the holidays. You will also want to consider how the decision will affect your brand and practice reputation. Consider your patient’s unique personal preferences and the cultural norms surrounding the holiday in your state. Would they be free to schedule a day off or work? Or, choosing to have surgery that day will make you look terrible?

Of course, if you decide to open, you need to have enough team members to work. Therefore, you need to think about the expectations of your employees and their ability to agree to work on what may be a day off for others. For example, if you give your employees a paid day off on the August public holiday, as most employers in Ontario do, will they also take the same day off on September 30th?

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

Holiday? In order to manage the expectations of employees, it is important to clarify in advance how each holiday will be implemented.

National Day Of Truth And Reconciliation Event With Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

The federal government has mandated Truth and Reconciliation Day as a national holiday through Bill C-5, but you’re still confused about what it means to your dentist. Like Memorial Day, August Civic Day and Easter Monday, the new Truth and Reconciliation Day does not require you to close your practice and does not require additional holiday pay for Ontario workers. So you can choose the best option for you, your patients, your team and your practice.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

If you have any questions about public holidays or your duties as a business owner, please contact us. Our Employment Law team is dedicated to helping dentists understand and minimize the risks associated with being an employer. We are happy to help you with accounting requirements, updating office legal documents and other business matters. Email DMC or call the Employment Law team at 416-443-9280 206. People lay flowers in a long line next to Canadian flags as they wait to pay their respects at Buckingham Palace in London in September. 11, 2022. Nathan Dennett / Canadian Press

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Canada will observe Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday as a day of mourning and a public holiday, but the provinces will take separate measures, with stock markets open for trading and banks not required to close.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

Statutory Holidays In Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that the Queen’s funeral on September 19 will be a national holiday and a “day of national mourning”. Given the potential risk to financial markets from a quick freeze, it caused chaos as companies from banks to stock markets scrambled to decide how to respond.

For some of Canada’s largest companies, the union holiday announced a few days ago has created problems and concerns. Banks affected by this notice may remain open. The government has made it clear that state-owned companies such as banks, mobile phones and transport companies are invited to participate in the day of mourning, but are not required to close.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

At the time, financial industry officials worried that celebrating the holiday would require more coordination with stock exchanges and payment system providers, as well as more communication with customers who plan to pay bills or transfer assets on Monday.

Construction Holidays And Vacations

Leave for civil servants does not happen every year and does not apply to civil servants. Mr. Trudeau said he will work with regional leaders to reach them. Other provinces are deciding to close public offices and schools, while Ontario has declared a day of mourning, but not a public holiday, and Quebec said administrative staff will be out of work.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

“We will work with the provinces and regions to ensure that they are compatible on this matter. “There are a few things that need to be addressed,” Trudeau said in New Brunswick on Tuesday as he announced the holiday.

Following Trudeau’s announcement, Labor Minister Seamus O’Regan issued an explanation on social media on Tuesday.

September 19 2023 Holiday Ontario

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