September 28, 2023

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

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For starters, this year’s reward tank has been confirmed: Enter the game to get III 🇮🇹M16/43 Sahariano in your garage during the Holiday Ops event (until December 8, 2023)!

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

With the launch of Holiday Ops 2023 on December 1st, 2023, your Garage will be transformed into a snowy village full of magical holiday lights and fairy tales. It’s definitely fun, but you can make it even better!

Holiday Ops 2023: Event Tips By Special Commander Wendy

You can also find your own headquarters, where you can receive special combat missions and quests from Arni and Milla. Your village also has three beautiful decorative elements – a Christmas tree, fairgrounds and buildings – which you can decorate with amazing decorations!

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

When you enter the game client for the first time during the event, the first change will be visible this year: you can choose the name of your rural village from the suggested word combination. Once approved, your village will retain this name until the end of the event.

, you may ask? Well, this time you can visit the villages of other players! Not only can you see how they decorate the garage, but you can designate two players from your friends list as “Best Buddies” allowing you to collect extra event resources once a day! (This doesn’t deprive them of any resources – you get extra resources for free!) You can also gain special friendships by collecting resources from your best friends:

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

World Of Tanks

During the event, there are four (4) types of resources mentioned above: Rock Crystal, Clear Emerald, Warm Amber, and Meteor Iron. The former two resources (Rock Crystal and Clear Emerald) are used to improve the holiday atmosphere, while the latter two resources (Hot Amber and Meteoric Iron) are needed to complete guest quests.

You can get resources in different ways, the first one is to collect them from your own village. This can be done twice (2) times per day: the first time you collect a resource in your village has a cooldown of 55 minutes. After the second collection, cold play continues until the start of the next game day.

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Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Alternatively, you can automatically collect resources from your village even if you’re not logged in – you’ll be paid 150,000 credits each time resources are collected this way. Automatic collection occurs at the end of each cold.

World Of Tanks Holiday Event And Free Dlc

Additionally, if you find too much of one resource but not enough of the others, you can swap them 50-40. (For example, 50 rock crystal becomes 40 warm amber, etc.)

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Like last year, the decorations won’t have a special rank – but instead of your Holiday Atmosphere, you’ll have to upgrade each decoration category this year based on the number of decorations you provide. items using rock crystal and clear emerald.

For each category of decorative objects (there are three of them – Christmas tree, fair and installation), you will receive the following numbers for the overall level of the festive atmosphere:

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

World Of Tanks: Holiday Ops 2020. Roll Out, Get Presents! • Ads Of The World™

As you improve your vacation area and reach each new level, you’ll get personal resources, national and universal plan pieces, new female crew members, a new 2D holiday style with unique characters, and more. you will get rewards like Each level is awarded after obtaining the following points, along with the corresponding rewards:

But it’s more than just useful resources! After achieving the above objectives, they can be used:

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Perhaps the two questions above, “Who is Chaffy the Dog?” and “What are Terminal Tokens?”. To answer the second, you can spend Terminal Tokens to open special holiday gifts at the Gift Terminal in your garage! Terminal tokens can be obtained in the following ways

Holiday Ops 2023. Get Gifts!

Yes, that’s right – if you’re lucky, you can get a new Tier IX car for free! Note that it’s unclear what the depreciation rate is between the leased and permanent versions of the car – however, getting a car for permanent ownership can be significantly less.

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Now, let Chaffee at least answer the first question: As mentioned earlier, this canine companion will come to your garage once you reach Level II Holiday Atmosphere. 🐶

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Give him a decent pet once a day and he’ll reward you with extra random Holiday Ops resources!

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

World Of Tanks: Update 1.15 Release Date

Also, when you have a Chafee in your village, you can spend some gold and use the new animal for various fuel, such as a new collar or a turkey – something very important for any dog! Note that after the event is over and the Holiday Garage is empty, your friend Chaffee will say goodbye to you and leave with all his non-returnable items.

And of course, we can’t forget our celebrity guests: Arnold Schwarzenegger returns from last year’s event, along with World of Tanks’ newest guest star, Milla Jovovich, as revealed in the Holiday Ops 2023 announcement trailer! Both popular guests have their own quests, which are specific tasks completed using certain amounts of hot amber and meteoric iron.

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

In addition, each task completed by Arnie or Milla simultaneously increases all economic rewards in the game. When you complete a quest, you’ll receive bonus and slightly increased battle and crew credits and XP rewards in random battles (including Grand Battles). After completing 5 goals, you’ll get a matching set of stickers for each celebrity, and after completing 10 of them, you’ll get a matching 2D style with unique cool stickers (shown below).

World Of Tanks Holiday Ops 2020: Leaked Details

Likewise, after completing 50 missions (between the two), you’ll get a credit bonus of up to +50% with a choice of +50% Battle XP, +100% Crew XP, or +200% Free XP. guest stars) is over.

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Bonus credits are valid on all gaming machines, including premium and rental cars, until the end of the Holiday sale on 9 January 2023. Also, bonuses for XP will be used until the end of the event, but only one bonus of your choice can be active. By default, the Combat XP bonus is selected. You can change the active bonus type to XP at any time. Active XP bonuses apply to all gaming machines except Premium and rental machines.

However, when it comes to rewards – which aren’t all – you may have noticed that the previously mentioned Battle Missions (in addition to the Daily Missions) are linked to finding the Token Terminal. This will be in the form of Milla’s Holiday Ops Challenge! This challenge includes 28 combat missions from Milla that must be completed in random and massive battles in vehicles IV and above.

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Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

World Of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022: The First Large Box Tank Is Revealed

Don’t like a certain mission mode? No problem! You will change the condition every day until the end of the holiday campaign (including the first day of the event). This allows you to change the status of any current or missed mission.

Unused status keys are persistent and can be saved for multiple simultaneous uses. You can change the status of any mission (including additional missions from Arnie described below). Or you can change the conditions of each mission only once – it’s completely up to you! However, the number of conditional exchanges you receive during the event is limited, so use them wisely!

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Additionally, completing Missions from Milla will give you select credit discounts on reviewable cars, bringing back a fan-favorite feature!

World Of Tanks Update 1.15: Holiday Ops 2022 Start Date & Tankmas Event

Couldn’t complete last year’s Mission from Arnie in time for the 2022 holiday? This year there is another chance to collect them! Once you complete all 28 Missions from Milla, you will be able to unlock additional Missions from Arnie. You can unlock a total of four missions, and completing each one will earn you the following Arnie’s best rewards:

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

(No, his crew portrait doesn’t even have to be cropped. My computer won’t load the full image for a single and screenshot…)

As previously announced, Holiday Ops 2023 will run from Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Thursday, January 8, 2023. On a side note, Arcade Cabinet will be back in December as part of the holiday season, but it’s not yet known when that will be.

Wot Holiday Ops 2023 Start Date

Holiday Ops 2023

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